It is a requirement of the school that all children wear school uniform as specified. If your child does not adhere to the school dress code, then he/she will be sent home. All Parents are required to purchase the uniform before the child’s start date. Below is the list of uniform items.

Boys and girls Jubba’s/ dresses are available to buy from the local shops and stores.

The following items can be purchased through the school website via teh button below:

The uniforms will be supplied with the school logo directly to you.

  • Grey Trousers
  • Black Shoes
  • Grey Jubbah
  • Navy Blue Jumber/Cardigan*
  • ​Black/Grey Socks
  • White Topi
  • Grey Trousers
  • Black/Grey Socks
  • Grey Pinafore
  • Black Shoes
  • Knee length white polo shirt
  • Navy Blue Jumber/Cardigan*
  • White Scarf (Primary) Black Scarf (Secondary)

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